Sunday, October 24, 2010


Clot: The clot is your basic monster, there’s alot of them and they don’t really pose that much of a threat. They can usually be one hit in the head for an instant kill with most guns, even the 9mm. The only real ranger is just having to kill them all and not concentrate on the larger enemies that can actually kill you.My advice is kill them from a distance using a Handcannon or a Lever-Action Rifle.
Bloat: The next tier in monster technology, the bloat is basically a huge fat zombie that moves slowly towards the player. Bloats have a nasty special attack, which allows them to vomit their corrosive bile all over the player, doing damage and messing up the vision for a few seconds and they can also take a fair bit of damage. Bloats are not entirely dangerous on their own, but if they get in close they can blind players and leave the vulnerable to attack. Strategy is to blow their heads off right away so they cant do the special attack and then fill them full of hot lead.
Stalker: The stalker is a stealthy monster that sneaks up to do a high damage attack. The stalker is extremely weak, and one shot is usually enough to kill it instantly. Its not that hard to spot in a well lit area, but inside darker areas or open areas where they can sneak up on you. They do a fair bit of damage as well, so its best to not let them get you, and they come in packs sometimes, so if your not careful you can die very very quickly if cornered. Best way to deal with these is… to shoot them, after the first few games you become accustomed to spotting them, so they are not too big of a problem.
Gorefast: The Gorefast is an enemy you meet usually mid game, and in high numbers endgame. The look similar to a Clot, but have red skin and a big blade on one arm. The are significantly stronger than clots, and alot faster, and they get faster the closer they get to a player, they also deal a high amount of damage and attack quickly. Th best way to deal with this enemy is to take out before they get close and faster, usually a headshot or two will take them down.
Crawler: The crawler is a small, fast, extremely annoying monster that crawls quickly towards a player. The are not that strong, and they don’t do a whole lot of damage, but they can close in very quickly and disorient the players with attacks. They also attack in numbers, so they can overwhelm you if you are not careful, the best strategy is to kill them before they get close, or use a Shotgun to kill them a few at a time. The commando perk is also geared towards killing these little annoyances.
Siren: The siren is the only ranged attacker out of all the monsters, other than the Patriarch of course. The siren emits a loud screech when she gets close to opponents, which deals damage and also disorients players and reduces accuracy. The siren is a slow enemy, and you can usually see her coming from a distance away, which is the best time to kill her. The siren isnt terribly strong by herself, but if she keeps stunning players with her scream you can easily become overwhelmed. Kill her from a distance, plain and simple.
Scrake: One of the stronger enemies in the game, the scrake is basically a large humanoid monster with a chainsaw grafted onto one arm. The Scrake takes alot of punishment and has the ability to “charge” at players when they get close. They also do massive damage with the chainsaw when close range, so avoid melee combat at all costs. The best way to kill this creature is by using the Shotgun straight to the face at close range or sniping from afar.
Fleshpound: The big daddy of the monster family, the fleshpound is the hardest enemy to fight other than the boss. The Fleshpound can take a massive amount of damage and even has some armor plating grafted onto its body. They can tear a player apart pretty quickly at short range so its best to concentrate fire on this enemy from afar. Only thing is, once it starts taking damage its chest light will start glowing red instead of yellow, which means it is enraged, an enraged fleshpound can run faster than the fastest human.
The Patriarch (Boss): If you manage to survive the rounds of gruesome monsters to the last round, you then get to fight the boss. The Patriarch is a single enemy that stands a bit bigger than a Fleshpound, it also has a chaingun, a rocket launcher, and several special abilities. The chaingun is the Patriarchs favorite weapon, and can usually kill a player quickly if not dodged, the best way to deal with this is to take cover or weave around while shooting. The rocket launcher can kill a player one hit, the best strategy is to watch the patriarch to see when he is about to shoot a rocket, and get out of the way. When he takes enough damage he will turn invisible and heal, once hes all healed up he will pop up behind a player and deal a massive melee attack that is usually an instant kill if you are not full health. He can heal a total of twice, which is quite enough with the massive amount of damage he can take. The best strategy is to have a well balanced team of players: One flamer dealing constant damage and flaming the patriarch when he turns invisible, at least one player with a L.A.W. to damage the patriarch as much as possible, One medic is nice as well to heal through the damage. The rest of the players should have Bullpups, Shotguns, or Rifles and continuously shoot the boss in the head, and use ALL your grenades. If done properly you can kill him before he heals, but you have to be organized and know how to dodge his attacks and rockets.

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